West Strathore, Kirkcaldy


Scope - Civils, Earthing, LV Electrical.


14 No Screw piles. 6 No with transition steel to support a 40ft package plant container and 4 no piles for 2 no ring beams to support transformers and oil bunds. 


Electrical team 1st and 2nd fix of LV cabling to energise a sub station. 5 MW project near Leamington Spa.

Aerial south site.jpg

Charlbury, Oxford, 5MW

Scope – Civils, Earthing, LV Electrical, HV cable install.


Exothermic welding 50mm copper tape and rods to form an earth nest around a gas generation plant at a site near to Blackpool. 


Enrgy design and build precast block solution for the support of containerized package plant from 20-40ft in length for good ground conditions.


Enrgy’s compact mobile spraying unit. Under panel or whole site spray.

Special herbicide allows grass to flourish but kills weeds.


Specialist equipment is used to ensure cutters are low and extend under panel front edges to remove shading. Sprung Swing arms ensure a close cut to pile legs.


2MW Roof-mount for Large UK PLC electrical wholesale warehouse, Stoke on Trent.

Scope – AC Electrics (Inverter to PoC)


A truly unique project in Manchester – The CIS Tower. A 400kw solar panel cladded building 100m high. Inspection, test and fault find to ensure the 10 year old system was working as designed.


Annual roof survey prior to remedial works on a 200kw Big Yellow Storage Facility near Nottingham

Different length tractor mounted panel cleaning arms can be used to clean different configurations of panel orientation.


Enrgy’s HV Partner – MPS. Commissioning the HV element of a 5MW project near Oxford.


Field engineer undertaking annual DC testing on a 32 way string combiner box. This 28MW site has 140 such boxes to test.

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Hedge cutting a 28MW solar farm in north Nottingham


Fluke Infra Red cameras used to determine hot spots in electrical components at a 2MW roof-mount solar site near to Tamworth


HV and LV cabling installation at a 5MW project in North Wales


Tractor mounted panel cleaning attachment and travelling with 1000 litres of filtered water.

Cleaning a 49MW site near Portsmouth.

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1st and 2nd fix including commissioning of MV electrical components on a 5MW ground mount near Edinburgh.

Photo 06-12-2016 15 43 24.jpg

Enrgy’s Batwing 6010 rotary mower. Fast to deploy and ideal on smaller sites.

Retractable “batwings” allow manoeuvrability in tight spaces between or at end of rows


Screwed piles and transition steel to support a 15t containerized package plant solution above the flood plain in weak ground on a solar farm near Dorset.

Photo 04-04-2017, 12 25 49.jpg

DC current checking of strings and comparison with design data on a 500MW roof-mount site near Oldham 


Trefoils of 240mm single core AC cable running from remote distribution boards back to a central substation on a 5MW solar farm near Edinburgh